After one whole month wait. The premiere of Sarah’s Cottage, was a relief and a surprise. This series was shot simultaneously with Sarah’s House 2. There had been some thinking on my part. Since Sarah was pregnant during Sarah’s House 2 I thought this had been shot one year later. Well it wasn’t. And this series is a surprise. This is actually her own property and will not be resold. This time around Sarah is really working for Sarah.

This getaway property is on an island. Which is a challenge in itself. This week is the first and Sarah and Tommy are tackling the exterior, living room/addition. New windows are to be installed all around. But there has been a mistake. Sarah made ordered the wrong windows. The addition windows have mullions and the others are plain. She has to reorder and correct her mistake, swallowing the cost. This mess is leaving her heart broken. But once the windows are in. All is well and nothing is amiss. The addition doesn’t end up looking like one after all. And she is happy with her choice. And the final look is cool blues with windows on three sides.

“Living Room Addition/Exterior”

“Borrowing from the richness of nature, Sarah and Tommy create a living room and outdoor deck that celebrate a sweeping panoramic view, a front row seat to amazing sunsets!”

And now the reveal.
Sarah's cottage living room 1

Sarah's Cottage living room 2