This time it’s personal. Meaning that this cottage is really Sarah’s own. And she knows how to make it work for her and her growing family. A good exemple of that is the East guest bedroom where she switched the big sliding door for a smaller window in order to make the room less bright and hot in the early morning summer sun.

I should mention how I really love, adore, add any form of devotion here, Sarah and her shows. One the things that make her so much more are the little outtakes at the very end. These usually have Tommy saying something hilarious. This episode showed Sarah getting a scare from a mannequin standing in the corner of an antique shop.

“East West Guest Rooms

Sarah and Tommy whip two tight spaces into shape by dusting off old features and shoehorning in vintage cottage style. The dark East Room draws from the every watt of light-filled skies while the sun-baked West Room cools down in watery blues and greens.”

East Bedroom

West Bedroom

I like both rooms but if Tommy stays in the West room. I would love to stay in the East bed. I find the auction bought and sprayed chest of drawers beautiful and charming. Sarah’s parent’s first bed where she remembers sleeping snuggled between her parents is covered with colourful floral sheets.

The challenge this week was that wanting to save money somewhere she decided to reuse the pine boards that were used in the rooms before they were expanded and split from each other to accommodate a front entrance. But they ended up needing more boards to fully cover the walls and ceiling. the new boards were of a different colour since they had no varnish on. And had not aged in the sun. Even the old board had different shades depending on if they had been covered by furniture. So in the end even though Sarah had been hoping not to paint the walls but only white washing like in the addition/porch/living room. She had to paint. But she left the ceiling as is to show wood texture in some places in the rooms.

I preferred this episode to the last. Antique shopping for furniture pieces with a life, rag rugs, vintage quilts that’s the Sarah I love.

I’ll post more pictures once they have been published in Canada’s Style At Home or Canadian House and Home or Home & Country.

Later this week I will cover the next two episodes. The bathrooms and the upstairs bedrooms.