Hi! this is another Sarah’s Cottage blog post. I thought that my last two post on the subject weren’t all that great. So I’ll try to get better with this one because after that there are only two episodes left to air. And one that I’m also writing.

“Sarah, Tommy and contractor Vito create two nature-inspired bathrooms, each on a strict budget. As the bathrooms come to fruition Sarah’s husband Alexander increases the solar capacity on this electricity-free island to run the new facilities.”
– from hgtv.ca

The wall that was pushed back 4 feet in the East guest bed to gain space is also giving more space in the main bathroom. And this cottage needs it. To add an essential staple. A bathtub. The previous summer Sarah had to bathe her daughter in a Rubbermade plastic container. No kidding, she had pictures to prove it. Not the most glamorous thing in the world.

Oh and this week they are showing us how they are powering the place. With solar panels. They built an new shed to prop the solar panels. They had to install more so they could live normally without Alexander (her husband) getting up at night to switch things off so they wouldn’t run out of power. If I had a cottage on an island this is what I would do too. It’s not the kind of place where you have tvs and computers running all at once.

Sarah's Cottage main bath

The main bath ends up looking glam and not too cottagey. Which is not bad at all. She doesn’t want to slum it. But with natural elements like many different styles of tiles and stones. Including cool pebbles for the shower floor. Split face back wall behind the bath. Inexpensive white tiles in the shower made looking fab with a moonstone border. But the best piece is the vanity, a beautiful vintage find. I also like the cut up cabinets used for storage.

A good trick that I learned for the towels when you have many guests over and no one can really tell whose towels is which. She had numbers embroidered on each one of the bath towels and the beach towels too.

The second bathroom is this tiny powder room on the second floor and you don’t actually see all that much of it on the picture that they have on the site. All it is really is the blue vanity and a toilet. What we get to see is the storage hall in bold red to complement the main bedroom which I will be covering in details soon.

Sarah's Cottage powder room

Trouble no 1:
There’s a slight problem with the faucets. You won’t be able to turn them on. The piece of marble has to be remade with the sink closer to the front.

So they have to:
put it on a boat
get it to the mainland
get it to the city
get it remade
get it in the car
then on a boat
and back here
before the end of tomorrow or was it tomorrow morning?

are you kidding me?

That ended up being a “Super panic rush delivery.”

That’s what I love about Sarah’s shows. The cool quotes and all the things they don’t show you on other shows.

Funny bits:
Tommy riding a septic tank. He called it the poop deck.
The first Formula 1 sceptic tank. Sarah said this when she saw the septic tank being pulled quite fast by the boat.