Wow! One of my many favourite blogs was featured in a magazine I read. In Canada. Grace from Design*Sponge is the lucky one. YAY! for her. I don’t know about US magazines. But it is rare to see bloggers featured in magazines. Even though they have become more and more present in the design world over the past few years.* If there have been blogs featured prior to this I didn’t notice. I recall seeing something somewhere but that might have been in my dreams. And that only presented for so many blogs it wasn’t like they were featured. It was more like they were trying to jump on the trend while not being sure they should be.

So seeing this was a joy. And she got two pages. TWO! I’m only showing you the first here. Haven’t scaned the other one yet. I can’t wait to have a desk for the computer and scanner in a place where I have space for a desk.

design*sponge in H&H june 09

* I only started following more and more craft and design oriented blogs in the past few months. Before that I only followed YA writers and decor8.