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Ami McKay 1

As soon as I saw the blue settee I knew I was in love with the piece. Not so much with the price tag. But one day I do hope that this kind of furniture will be more affordable. So the regular girls like me, who don’t make millions can buy stuff this great. I guess one piece could be enough and then since they are made to last. It would be an investment. Still I’m too poor at the moment. So I can only dream.

Ami McKay 2

Ami’s designs great but they are also 100% sustainable. The wool upholstery is Oeko-tex-certified (a European standard of nontoxicity). The frames are made with FSC-certified hardwood with a nontoxic finish. Jute-and-latex webbing holds the seat. The seats and backs are made of latex rubber forms. This is very good. I like that someone is making a fashionable step in that direction.

Ami McKay 3

Ami McKay 4

She has four different collections each with a particular style and feel. I particularly like Air, with its mid-century modern aesthetic. Others are Fire think hot and sexy with a European flair. Earth is comfy West Coast family-friendly. (I’ve seen more pieces for this one on the website.) And the last Water, which is very Hollywood glam.

Ami McKay 5

She will be getting quite big now that Style at Home and Canadian House and Home have featured her in their May 2009 issues. Oh and I just found out that this is one of Oprah’s favourite furniture lines. So visit her site soon. Even if it’s only to dream and learn more about her mission to give us formaldehyde-free homes


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