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For my first apartment I am inheriting many things. My mother started saving up things for me to use pretty much on the day I was born.

Now along with Tupperwares of all shapes and sizes and coming from many eras (eg. the 70’s brown, sunny yellow, olive green and burnt orange aplenty). I am also getting a not new but still in the box table. Wood top with white legs. And the chairs that went with it. These are not in the box still. They have been used for over 10 years. So the table is in great shape, but the chairs aren’t.

Now comes in the need for colour. All of my walls will stay white. I could paint but I don’t know how long I will live there so I am not getting into it. And they are sort of freshly painted white. So it won’t be gross and need to be refreshed or anything. More money in my pockets that way. YAY!

All of that comes together here. I have a blank canvas apartment with white walls. Some chairs that need a refresher and a table that needs to match. (Or does it? I’m rethinking that as I type.). So I will be painting the chairs and table legs with colour instead of keeping them white.

So I have been loving the whole yellow with grey since Miss Selfridge had their window dressed with clothes in these colours. Even Topshop where I worked had the same look. Unfortunately the style was soon replaced by something with primary colours, and also the whole green is the new black. That I Ioved too.

These days the same combinations of yellow and grey or even yellow and aqua/ice blue are everywhere. It’s all the rage and this time I’m not letting it pass. So I’m painting using yellow.

Now the only thing left is figuring out which shade…

Shades of yellow

Some shades inspired by a fabric I picked up last year before yellow made a comeback. And a thanktop and flip flops, that I bought recently with the love of yellow in mind.

Picture © Kim Brien


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