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I always love summer editions of magazines more than the other ones. Why? Because I love summer and all that it represents. Long evenings, barbecues, lazy afternoons in the hammock reading books, splashing in the pool, going to the beach. And then there’s going to the cabin, cottage or other place where people gather and live a simple life for a few days.

So when I saw the cover of the new Martha Stewart Living magazine. I knew I was going to love this one. All I wanted to do that morning. Right out of bed was step though the lens and spend the day there enjoying the sun and warmth.* Plus my favourite colour is green. So that’s a huge plus.

Here is the reason why…

MSLO Deborah Cox 1

MSLO Deborah Cox 2

MSLO Deborah Cox 3

MSLO Deborah Cox 4

MSLO Deborah Cox 5

MSLO Deborah Cox 6

Photo credits : Peter Murdock (Martha Stewart Living June 09)

*Because it’s still spring here not summer so nothing over 20 degrees celcius yet. Except for those few days last month. But pretty much everyone felt that.


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